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Jb Jr Rap - Tenacious D Lyrics

You see this here green crystal
It's call the Crystal of Gilgamesh
It crashed 12, 000 years ago
Near the city known as Budapest
And he who holds the crystal
Is a motherfuckin' Fu Manchu
And now that I have the power
I'm gonna lord it over you
I'm like a God man
With the powers of the anti-Christ
Now beg me for forgiveness
Or you're gonna be sacrificed
My name is Jables Jr
I've got the power of a thousand suns
With the alien technology
Yeah, I'm the chosen one
Jamming out because I'm rocking
Rocking with my jam
Can't stop my jam, motherfucker
My fuckin' jam is the best jam in the world
Motherfucker, yeah

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